Part One

Muslim by Heart

British by Birth and

Indian by Nature


A product of mixed Ideas

Exploring Understanding

In the Everyday


The past has led me from

The Streets of East London

And its Institutions

To the Heights of Peru

Beaches of Barcelona

Expanses of Africa And

Walls of Berlin


With Dreams (If I may dare to say)

Too big for one alone


Friendships made

From distant lands

The ‘Rich’ and ‘Poor’

To Irreligious beyond Belief

Whites and Blacks and

So many more in between


Life has shown me

The Destruction of Love

The Power of Hate and

The Absence of Peace


For Ultimately


If I can leave this World

With Having benefited The cause of Man

It will be Judged A Life well Lived




Part Two

In Quiet Comfort

Exploring Tensions

Of Surfaces Found


Bound by a Need

To Question The Familiar


As One did Ask

Alone and in a Crowd

The Who? What? Where?

And Ultimate Why?


Pen in Hand

Bending the Trend

They CameDen left


Minds Pacing

Into the Unknown


In Search of Spirits

Did I Wonder of Old


To Risk and Twist

Moving in Time


Refreshing the Age

As the Page Came Alive


In the World

With the Word

To Ward off the spell

Of the Devil


From the Hearts

Of the Many